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California part 3!

Pacific Coast Highway pt. 2 and Big Sur

We packed up our Montaña de Oro campsite on Thursday morning and headed up Highway 1 again. Actually, before we got on 1 we went through San Louis Obispo to stop at a coffee shop I had seen lots of pictures of. Scout Coffee Co is the cutest little shop in downtown SLO - a gorgeous yellow wall and a ton of plants and an all around great atmosphere. so AFTER the coffee, we hit the road. We eventually started passing signs for "Elephant Seal Viewing Areas" and decided to pull off at one. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision because we hadn't actually seen any seals and there was no one else at the viewing area, but it turned out to be a great idea - there were over a dozen seals cuddled up together!

We spent a lot of time this day pulled off on the side of the road taking pictures. It was so beautiful! Before we left our campsite I told Logan that this was going to be the pretty day. He didn't entirely believe me because of how gorgeous everything else had already been, but looking out from these pulloffs, you can see that I might have been right. Once in Big Sur, we stopped for about an hour at McWay Falls. You can either get to it from the state park (if you drive in, you have to pay $10), or you can park on the highway and take a set of stairs to the exact same viewpoint for free. 

At one pull off I looked down and saw a sea otter! (We were close to the refuge). Otters are Logan's favorite animal so we were super excited!

Another sea otter at McWay Falls! This time, holding something in its cute little paws.

There was a house on that. And it owned basically every inch of land for a few miles.

This day was the ultimate adventure, I desperately need to spend more time in Big Sur and explore it in depth, not just road-side.