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Epic Sky Trek

May 13

So, this whole adventure started with a video. This video, to be exact: 


It was shared in a hiking group I'm part of on Facebook and I commented saying that I would be interested in going. And then, a date was set and even though I'm afraid of falling (and by association, heights where I could fall from...), I was driving down to Castle Rock to meet up with some strangers and dangle in the air with them. 

Okay, in reality it was much less sketchy than that. We actually formulated a plan and Elyse (who organized the whole thing) called and was able to get us a group discount. In the days approaching the meet up, more and more of my east coast Facebook friends began sharing the video and I excited commented on them saying I would be going! So when that Sunday rolled around and I was nervous and anxious and wondering why I agreed to do something involving lots of potential falling, I couldn’t back out because I had told people I was going.

When I arrived to the park, I was grateful to meet a wonderful bunch of girls who were all just as nervous as I was! We joked a lot about the fact that we may have just made a $40 donation to Epic SkyTrek because we were going to chicken out & kept wondering aloud what we are getting ourselves into... It might not sound like it, but it was actually incredibly reassuring to know that they were nervous too. We headed up the hill, got our wristbands, and stood over our harnesses as we listened to the staff explain everything.

My heart was pounding in my chest after I put the harness on - it was a kind of “no turning back now” moment. Even though we were only doing the practice obstacle that is approximately 11 inches off the ground, I was a little bit shaky when it was actually my turn to go. Once I got up there and felt how sturdy the harness was and saw how the smart clips worked (you can only unclip one, once one is unclipped the second will not release at all), I felt better about climbing the stairs and actually getting started.

Epic Sky Trek is divided into 3 levels. Each obstacle is rated similarly to a ski slope: green = easiest, blue = medium, black = most difficult. There are obstacles of each color on every level, but by the time you're three stories up, it gets more and more intimidating. We stopped to explore the first level, all of us a bit unsure of what to do and where to go, when Jamie just went for an obstacle.

Once we all successfully (albeit shakily) crossed that first obstacle, I think our confidence levels got much higher. That or we realized that no matter what we were feeling, we were going to have to cross at least one more obstacle to get back to the main section! I couldn't stop laughing and smiling and remarking "holy shit!" because it was so much fun/so crazy/not something I would normally do! We did a few more obstacles on the first level before deciding we were up for level two!

Jamie was definitely the most fearless of the group, especially there at the beginning. 

On the second level, the obstacles got a little crazier. One of the employees convinced me that if I took a running start on the slackline through the middle of the level, my momentum would carry me halfway across and then I could just easily walk the rest of it. So I tried it.... I made it approximately 2.5 feet, slammed on my butt, freaked out, scooted backwards, and made the employee unhook me from that obstacle. But then Kaitlin (I'm pretty sure it was her!!) went across it like a PRO! 


I made my way around the level trying to find something more my speed. I came across this obstacle that was a group of ropes leading to a hanging picnic table. I felt like I had no choice but to try it! Thankfully, Elyse was close behind so she could snag a shot of me sitting on the table!

And then, it was time for level three. At first I just thought I'd be going up as the group photographer. But then I realized that I paid $40 to be there, I needed to do at least one obstacle on that level! So, Jonelle and I picked what looked to be the least-terrifying of the level and went across. I had a minor freak out when I was about halfway through, but everyone else in the group was doing crazy obstacles so I knew I had to keep going (and, spoiler alert: I was F I N E). 

View from the third level!

Kaitlin doing more slacklines at the top!


The smart system! You can only unhook one of these at a time!

Me going across my third level obstacle

Jamie, being a general badass going across some black obstacles on the third level!

Once I had done one obstacle on the third level, I kind of laughed at myself for being nervous about the first one. Jonelle and I headed back down to level one to redo some of the obstacles we had originally skipped because we were nervous!