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Family Adventures, pt. 1

June 3 - June 11

My family came out for a week to celebrate my graduation from the University of Denver with my Masters of Library and Information Sciences (phew, that feels GOOD to write). My mom, dad, and sister flew out on Saturday, with everyone else joining us on Wednesday. 

Those first few days were great - Saturday evening we went to a Rapids game, where we had a comeback win against Columbus (it feels so good to beat Ohio teams). It's so much fun to share mine and Logan's favorite parts about our Colorado life with my family, and even more so when your team wins!

Sunday, we went into Rocky Mountain National Park, where we hiked to Emerald Lake and then explored. My entire family has now hiked to Emerald Lake (Sam did it back in 2016!), and it made me so happy that they all loved it. From the Bear Lake parking lot, we headed up Trail Ridge Road! We weren't sure it was going to be open - that 3 feet of snow two weeks prior put a damper on the Memorial Day opening. Thankfully, it and the Alpine Visitor Center opened up on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week before my family came (perfect timing, or what?). 

Our plan was to drive to the Alpine Visitors Center, and stop at all of the overlooks on our way back into Estes. We wanted to make sure we got there before it closed, and that seemed like the best way to ensure we'd make it. We did stop on the way up, though, to take pictures of the giant snow drifts alongside the road - it's easier to stop when you're headed West than on the way back.

After leaving the snowy wonder of the alpine, we went into Estes Park in search of dinner. Liv had been reminding us that we hadn't eaten an actual meal since 6 that morning, and we were all pretty hungry. We went to Grub Steak - mine and Logan's favorite restaurant - and goofed off and laughed so hard. Afterwards we got ice cream and shopped a little, before heading home.

Monday we decided to do all of the Denver area things. We got a bunch of food at Whole Foods so we could have a picnic lunch, and then we headed to Red Rocks. Mom and Dad saw Crosby, Stills, and Nash here in 1987 - 30 years ago! It was a fun little anniversary tour for them. We also ended up buying tickets to Film on the Rocks to see Dirty Dancing that night - best decision ever. Everyone was laughing and cheering and squealing, it was such a great atmosphere to watch that movie in!

Tuesday we headed down to Colorado Springs to tour the Olympic Training Center and then explore Garden of the Gods. The Olympic Training Center was incredible - I toured last year with some of my family, but was pleasantly surprised by how fascinating everything still was to me! There were a lot more athletes there this year (because they weren't all already in Rio!), and we got a chance to watch some pretty intense training regiments. 

We grabbed lunch at Bird Dog BBQ (a must if you're gonna be in the Springs) and then headed towards those beautiful red rocks! It's so much fun to watch my family experience these things and marvel at them the way I do. It just makes my heart so happy.