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Family Adventures, pt. 2

June 3 - June 11

My family came out for a week to celebrate my graduation from the University of Denver with my Masters of Library and Information Sciences (that still has such a nice ring to it!). My parents and sister came out on Saturday, but the rest of my family got here on Wednesday! We made a few shuttle runs to the airport, where I saw a Red Shirt staff member(!), before heading back to the family's hotel to hang out and freshen up before dinner. 

On Thursday, we went back to Garden of the Gods because we loved it that much. It was supposed to be a pretty warm day, so we got an early start to beat the heat and the traffic. 

Words can't really explain how excited I was to have my whole family out together. I hadn't seen Grandmommie, Aunt Jen, or Barb since Christmas and Sam since the Super Bowl. It had been entirely too long, and we always have so much fun together. Garden of the Gods was especially nice because it had paved, low grade walkways but also things we could climb on (aka: perfect for the whole family!).

Much different view than the crazy storm clouds we had on Tuesday!

Thursday night we headed to Rocky Mountain Arsenal in hopes of seeing some wildlife. The refuge is right behind the Rapids' stadium and there was a World Cup Qualifier going on that night - it was weird to drive by the stadium when it was full of people and not be heading there ourselves! 

If you haven't been out to Rocky Mountain Arsenal yet, you should definitely add it to your list. It's a 15,000 acre area that has everything from wetlands to woodlands to prairies - and all the animals you could imagine go with those! It's a super cool area and it's free, which is always a bonus. 

I took entirely too many pictures of prairie dogs, BUT THEY ARE SO DAMN CUTE!

After lots of research, I think I have determined that this is a type of Oriole. Specifically, the Bullock's Oriole - please correct me if I'm wrong!

Red Winged Black Bird

Colorado, it's almost unfair how beautiful you are.

When we stopped to take pictures of these next deer, we were attacked by mosquitos. We had all the windows rolled down, and all of the sudden Sam was like "uh, guys....maybe we should roll our windows up..." and we looked over and they were POURING in the windows. There were so many - it was a little terrifying! We were smashing them and trying to shoo them out, but we ended up with lots of little mosquito bodies stuck to the windows. 

Friday was my graduation, and Saturday we drove the Lariat Loop! It was such a great week and a wonderful way to celebrate the end of grad school. I am so thankful they were able to come out and explore the city a little more - and that I was able to share one of the biggest moments of my life with people I hold dear to my heart.