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Great Sand Dunes

After we grabbed breakfast in Taos, we drove an hour and a half north to Great Sand Dunes National Park! We took a trip there last year at this time and I haven't stopped thinking about it since we left. Great Sand Dunes is much like Yellowstone - it feels slightly otherwordly and out of place, but absolutely magnificent. I didn't realize how close we would be to the park when I was planning our Taos weekend, but on the way back I was sure to make us stop!

As we were driving into the park, Logan pulled over so we could take our customary sign picture...Except when we opened the doors they immediately slammed shut on us because the wind was INSANE. We opted for a through-the-window shot instead and then continued driving to the dunes. It was just as windy there, but we toughed it out and got out of the car anyways.

You can kind of see the wind blowing the sand around

We only walked a short ways before the wind and the sand was too much. I had Logan hold my camera as I ran up a small dune ahead of us so that we could get some pictures and then head back to the safety of the car. I love the sand dunes, but when the wind blows it felt like our faces were being cut open by millions of tiny razorblades. We kept saying how glad we were to have already made this trip once...we could leave without feeling like we missed anything.

It might have been insanely windy, but we had fun. I think it's crazy that this place exists, and that it exists in Colorado. I'm glad that Logan is always up for a detour and another adventure!