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Pike National Forest

Campground: Dispersed Camping - Buffalo Creek Area  
Location: Pike National Forest

Logan and I have been trying to camp since we got back from California but things keep getting our way - the NFL Draft (or Logan's favorite day of the year), snow, soccer games, the list goes on and on. We finally had a free weekend and I immediately jumped to planning and getting things set up so that we could camp! We decided on Pike National Forest because it was only an hour away and there were a few miles of dispersed camping sites available. 

We got to the area around 7:30 pm and I started getting upset because all the spots were taken. Logan was surprisingly upbeat and we kept going - taking my mom's motto of "go out, turn right" to heart and ended up finding an empty location. It was huge and wonderful and had perfect hammocking trees! I thought it was perfect until I went to pee and found an animal skeleton. And then I went to show Logan and we found a spine and a deer leg 20 yards from where we pitched the tent. I was slightly panicky and a little freaked out, so we drove for 30 minutes to try and find a different spot, but no luck. We decided to just stick it out and went back to make dinner - chicken dogs and miscellaneous snacks! 

That night I woke up at 1 am and was engulfed in fear. BONES EVERYWHERE! What if whatever killed those animals came back? WHAT KILLED THEM? I poked Logan and decided we would move into the car to sleep. So at 1:17 am, we got out of the tent and moved everything in the car and slept in the back. It was one of those moments of clarity - this man really does love me, he just willingly agreed to get out of his warm sleeping bag because of an irrational fear and move everything we brought so we could sleep in the car instead. So, if you decide to read this, I love you, Logan. 

Saturday we had breakfast - potatoes and bacon (because I forgot to pack the eggs) and muffins. We set up the hammocks and laid around for a few hours. Hiked part of the Colorado Trail. Came back and laid in the hammocks for another few hours. Made dinner - turkey dogs and cheesy baked potatoes. Drank beer. Listened to Chance's new mixtape. And went to bed in the car again. 

It was a relaxing weekend and I left feeling refreshed and ready for the final two weeks of the quarter. 

And just for fun, here are all the bones we found.