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The Springs

Logan and I have lived here for almost a year - just over 10 months, to be exact - and one of our best friends lives in Colorado Springs, and yet I've never been down there (or up, as Luke likes to say, even though it's south). For our anniversary, Logan and I headed down to celebrate with the Insane Inflatable 5k and a day spent hanging out with Luke. 

This was one of those rare perfect weekends. It's been a while since I've laughed so hard or so freely (grad school finals week is killer, y'all) and it's so refreshing to hang out with someone who just gets you. Luke is one of those people who makes the best dad-jokes at the best times and sings every other word and knows his beer and can also be super serious and loving - he's one of the best friends we've had and I know we're going to take advantage of every free weekend he has before he moves off to Montana for his graduate studies. 

Colorado Springs was a treat, we explored Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City and got ice cream and beers and listened to Coloring Book and planned future hikes and adventures. It was such a good weekend it was almost impossible to go back into work on Monday. 

Band photo. 

Emilie, we missed you this time.