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Rocky Mountain Shenanigans

Trail Ridge Road opened up (partially) over Memorial Day Weekend but we didn't get a chance to go up until we were camping! I love this road and I love the alpine visitors center and I was super excited to see what it looked like right after opening! 

(Also pictured, all the elk we saw)

Always forgetting my zoom lens when I really need it - but the small speck to the right of that tree is a elk calf! If you can't see it, just admire those mountains in the background.

This wasn't even the highest drift!

Alpine Visitors Center - or, what you can see of it!

When it summer at 7,000' but winter at 12,000'


"Okay, I'm going to count to three and then you open your eyes really quickly. ONE TWO THREE"

There's not much that makes me happier than time spent in RMNP. I love the elk, I love the mountains, I love the snow, and I love sharing it all with Logan.