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Wyoming part 1

Back in July, Logan and I drove from Denver to Jackson, WY to meet my family for a week-long vacation. At this point it had been 7 months since either of us had seen our respective families, so we were beyond excited for this trip. Family + mountains = the best ever. 

Before the smoke from the wildfires socked in the mountains

Logan and I got into Jackson way earlier than my family did - their flights were delayed and their 2pm arrival was put off until almost 9pm, but we got in at 11. We grabbed lunch at Bubba's Bar-B-Que, a place rightfully recommended by Logan's dad (if you ever find yourself hungry in Jackson and you enjoy barbeque, do yourself a favor and head over there). After lunch we still had two hours to kill before we could get into the house we were renting, so we headed to Albertson's to grab some groceries (the first trip of MANY to come this week), and then back to the city square to lay in the shade and kill some time. 

FINALLY at 4 we went to the house we were staying at: Mountain Haus in Teton Village. My sister had jokingly requested that we make towel animals and put chocolates on the beds, and with four hours still to kill thats exactly what we did (after playing a few rounds of pool and foosball). Around 8pm my family landed and we had a huge (and emotional) reunion in the airport. We got the rental cars, loaded up the luggage, bought some groceries, and then headed home for the night. 

On Monday we had reservations at Jackson Lake Lodge for lunch. We left early so that we would have plenty of time to explore Grand Teton National Park on our way there.

An early morning walk with my family. Photo: Sam Baker

Sunday afternoon, lightning strikes sparked wildfires along the east side of Jackson. This meant that every morning the mountains were completely covered in smoke (it typically lifted around noon). 

We were a little early for our reservations, so Sam, Olivia, Logan, and I walked up Lunch Tree Hill. It was a gorgeous path that led us to a great vantage point of the valley and Grand Teton NP. 

After a delicious lunch we headed down to Jackson Lake itself. We found a parking area near the dam and wandered down a paved and then dirt path to some pretty incredible views. By this time the smoke had cleared and we could actually see the mountains, which just made everything that much prettier. Logan had a classic Logan moment where he tripped and somehow managed to slice his toe open in the process. Thankfully my family (okay, my mom and a select other few) are members of the "Quick Response Team" - an elite membership designated by my mom if you have a good emergency preparedness attitude. Basically this just meant that no fewer than 3 people had bandaids on their person and I could wash Logan's feet with the extra water we had before bandaging him up!

Photo: Sam Baker

Overlooking Jackson Lake

From this point in the park we could see over the next ridgeline where the fires had started. It was kind of scary how close they were (about 10 miles from the town itself.

We also went to Jenny Lake to walk around a little bit and do some scoping for hikes later on in the week. At Jenny Lake I got my National Parks Passport stamped!

Photo OF Sam Baker

Photo: Sam Baker

An almost full moon seen from Moose-Wilson Road.