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Wyoming part 2

Tuesday was packed with adventures - all on the Snake River. We had reservations for a flatwater scenic float and a white water rafting trip! On the scenic trip we saw dozens of bald eagles; no matter how often I see them, I always get excited. 

Half of our boat! Flatwater means flatwater, we could bring all our bags and cameras!

Spot the eagle? Its in on a bare branch in the middle group of trees. 

Dad in his adventure hat

The choppiest the water got

An eagle's nest! Can you spot the adolescent lower down in the tree?

The whitewater trip was amazing. I was a little nervous (because it's me) but our guide was incredible and made me feel a lot better. I did get picked to sit up front first, but that ended up working out for the best because I didn't have to watch other people do it and make myself more anxious AND I got the smaller rapids to go through! (I still got absolutely soaked).

At one point we came to a still section in the river and our guide asked if anyone wanted to jump in and I immediately flipped backwards into the river. THE WATER WAS SO COLD! It knocked the wind out of me as soon as I went underneath which made it very difficult to concentrate on getting back in the raft, dad and Olivia had to pull me in.

No one else got in!

Logan up front made me more nervous than when I was up there!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be on the water

We reached another still section and I convinced Olivia to jump in - who knows when we'll be back to Wyoming and have a chance to swim in the Snake River??

After fumbling around with me trying to get back in, we got the system figured out for Olivia. 

That adrenaline rush, though

The boys had to help put all the rafts on the trailers

After a long day on the river, we cooked dinner, and then headed back down Moose-Wilson Road and into the park to look for animals. We didn't see any moose, but we saw lots of mule deer and elk!