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Wyoming part 3

Wednesday started out as a day for relaxing. We slept in (till like 7:30 instead of around 6:00), went for a morning walk around Teton Village, had breakfast, and headed into Jackson to go shopping. 

Smoke and morning sun makes for interesting compositions

They were installing a new ski lift while we were there - this is a helicopter carrying all the different parts of the lift from the base of Teton Village to the side of the mountain. 

Our shopping trip started off the best way possible - ICE CREAM. Aunt Jen & Barb went with all the "kids" to get ice cream at like 11 am. Wyoming introduced me to my new obsession: huckleberry. Barb got huckleberry ice cream and it was absolutely amazing. We walked around town all morning and grabbed some lunch at a pizza place and then all had to say goodbye to Logan.

Being a real adult has its perks like staying up as late as you want and getting a salary and not having to share a box of cereal with your younger siblings, but it also means you get a finite amount of days for vacations. Logan only took half a week so that he would have time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a bummer to have to say goodbye (this was the longest we've spent apart in an ENTIRE YEAR) but I know I'll be thankful come Christmas.

After shopping was done, we headed up the ski lifts to Rendezvous Mountain! We walked around the top at just over 10,000' in elevation and ate waffles. I'm now going to need every mountain summit to have a waffle shop.

A good view of the wildfires

Officially the coolest place I've ever gotten a waffle.

I think in a past life I was an alpine wildflower. 

I call this type of shot "behind the insta" (or vsco, for Livie)

I had a nutella waffle, Sam had lemon (I think), and Olivia had strawberry! SO DELICIOUS. 

After Rendezvous, Sam, Olivia, and I went up a chairlift towards the mountain biking park. It was so weird to be on a chairlift in the summer (and potentially even weirder to actually ride it with Sam? When we went skiing back in January I messed up the chairlift every time except maybe twice) A little less than halfway up I went to pull out my phone to take a picture of the two of them only to realize it was no longer in my pocket. Cue the freaking out. We finished the ride and asked the workers if they could look for it at the such luck. Liv and I retraced our steps and didn't find anything, so I went to guest services to report it missing just in case. We raced back to the chairlift so I could ride it one more time before it closed and search for my phone. Thankfully I realized I dropped it pretty early on so I knew it had to be right at the beginning, and sure enough on my second trip up I found it! Undamaged! 

I just told them that I found my phone!