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Christmas in Colorado

In Virginia, Logan and I both used to cut down our Christmas trees, so I was eager to do the same for our first official Christmas together. As it turns out, "Christmas" trees do not grow well in Colorado and cut-your-own farms have to import trees and plant them towards the end of November so that customers like me can come cut them down. Its a strange process, and leads to some sorry looking cut-your-own trees and fields.

We ended up just falling in love with a tree on the lot and deciding that it was much simpler that way. They told us they wouldn't do a fresh cut because we live more than 15 minutes from the lot, so we had to go to walmart and buy a hack saw to do our own cut. [Fun fact: the guy who tied the tree to the car informed us that he moved to Denver from Texas in July, for "snowboarding and recreational intoxicants"]

Cutting the tree turned into a regular Haley+Logan fiasco. We ended up having to cut it twice because it wouldn't fit in the stand the first time. When it wouldn't fit the second time, we went and bought a different stand because at that point the tree was 3-4 inches shorter than it was when we brought it home. It was so nice to have the smell of pine tree in the house, we used some of the branches we cut to decorate [thanks for showing me that, mother!] and it really feels like Christmas now!

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