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Go West

On July 14, Logan and I embarked on a journey across the country - Virginia to Colorado. I don't think either of us were really prepared for how frustrating, trying, and absolutely wonderful it would be. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things either of us had ever done; we didn't talk for the first 15 minutes or so of the drive because we were too emotional. I couldn't say goodbye to my dogs because it broke my hear thinking they wouldn't understand where we had gone, but my sister was gracious enough to calm my nerves and promise to remind the dogs that I love them regularly. With the goodbyes under our belts, we took 2.5 days to drive 1,500 miles, stopping in Louisville, Kentucky and Lawrence, Kansas. By the time we made it to the Colorado border, we were absolutely exhausted. 

We had the car packed with all of the things we would need immediately, and we packed a U-Haul Pod with the remaining items (by we I mean Logan and his dad, and they did an incredible job). We had an old Kangaroo Pouch on the roof of the car, which ended up being our saving grace because we would not have fit everything without it. With the car being so packed (and it being Logan's), he did most of the driving. 

We decided that we would play the lottery in every state we went through (excluding West Virginia because it was too close to home) as a way of making having to pull off for gas/food/bathroom breaks exciting. We ended up winning around $17, which was significantly less than we spent, but we're pretty proud of it!

Reaching Colorado was one of the most euphoric moments of my life. I'm not entirely sure how much of that had to do with me just not being in Kansas anymore, but the joy and giddiness I felt was indescribable. We had finally made it. We accomplished something that we had been talking about for months and had been dreaming about for years. Knowing we could do that made us feel invincible.  

Hello, Colorado. Home sweet home. 

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