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Bright Horizons

I can officially call myself a working member of society! For the past week and a half, I have been employed by Bright Horizons; I'm currently a full-time preschool substitute which is a glorified job title, in my opinion. Basically, I get to spend all day every day hanging out with babies and toddlers, with an occasional 5 year old thrown in the mix.  

If you know me at all, you know this is perfect.  




A week and a half of toddlers has given me some great stories too. My personal favorite is one I like to call big poopy.  

After nap time, all of the kids get their diapers changed/use the potty and on this particular day, I was the one doing the changing. After diapers/potty, everyone gets sunscreen and goes outside to the playground. As we were lining up to go outside, I had a 2 year old look me directly in the eyes, with a completely straight face, and say "Big. Poopy." Somehow I manage not to laugh, and I take him with into the diaper area and I ask him if he's finished pooping yet. He gets a very serious look on his face, takes a second or two to think, and responds, "almost." I end up sitting with this kiddo for almost 5 minutes as he periodically pats his bottom and says, happily, "lots of poopy!"   


Basically, I love my job and getting to spend my time hanging out with these kids. They might be frustrating and dirty and occasionally really smelly, but then they come sit on your lap and give you sloppy kisses and everything is better again. 

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