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As of July 17, it's been one year since we moved to Colorado (okay, technically we moved on the 14th, but we got to Colorado on the 17th). It simultaneously feels like we just got here and like we've lived here forever. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed by the fact that Logan and I picked up our entire lives and drove them across the country (a lot of those times coincide with times I feel totally unprepared to be an adult - like when I realize I have no idea how to carve a rotisserie chicken). One of our favorite questions to ask ourselves is "what would your 16 year old self say if they saw you right now?" The general consensus is that we never expected to end up out here. 

But even in the midst of the unpreparedness and uncertainty and missing our families, I know this is where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. Colorado is my home and Virginia has become a place I go to visit (at least for now). I love it here and I wouldn't change our little mountain life for anything.  

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