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Two thousand eighteen

In 2017 I didn’t set any “resolutions.” Instead, I focused on the word “aware” and what being aware in all areas of my life would look like. I think it served me pretty well - 2017 was a pretty great year.  

For 2018, I want to focus on growth. Growing my comfort level, my blog and photography, my job (as much as possible), and my relationships. 

Last year, Logan and I were very deliberate about what we did on New Years Day. I had read somewhere that what you do on January 1st is a good indicator of what you’ll spend the rest of your year doing. Today wasn’t quite as jam-packed as 2017, but I did go for a hike and cook myself dinner and snuggle with my cat and take a bath. 

So if every day in 2018 looks something like today, I think I’ll end up pretty happy.  

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