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Dear Colorado...

Dear Colorado,

Over the last three years, you and I have been through a lot together. You have shaped me and helped me grow and taught me more than I thought possible. Now, to anyone else reading this, that may sound dramatic, but they weren't around when I first set eyes on you in 2012 or when you welcomed Logan and I with open arms after a long and emotional drive in 2015. Colorado, you shaped a lot of my young adult years. I was only 22 when I moved here. In the three years since, so much has happened. I got my first full-time job, and then my second. I lost two grandparents and learned that the mountains truly do have healing powers. I struggled through two years of graduate school and found that what they say is true - your inhabitants really are happier. I cried during my job search because I realized it might take me away from you. I have spent countless hours looking up at your stars, trying to learn the secrets of the universe. I have spent night upon night sleeping on your ground and breathing in your scent and feeling more and more at home with each breath. I have stood on top of your tallest mountains and felt like I could conquer the world.

You are a magical and wonderful place, and though it's only been three years, I feel like something was always missing until I called you home. Our future may be uncertain, but even if I have to leave, part of me will always stay here. I will always yearn to come back and be among the mountains, and the sunshine, and the trees.

Others may think I'm crazy for loving you so much, but they weren't there the first time I saw you.

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Colorado life is the best life.

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