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April 27-May 1

A few weeks ago, I started playing with the idea of going home to surprise Olivia. I haven't seen her play school soccer since I moved to Colorado (almost 2 years at this point) AND she was going to her first high school dance...PROM! The more I thought about it, the more I realized that seeing my sister in these moments was incredibly important to me.

I might live halfway across the country, but my family is incredibly important to me. The thought of missing prom (especially knowing I probably won't be able to go next year) broke my heart, and so I got the plane tickets. 

I left at 1 am on a Thursday morning, with only my parents and Kristin aware of my plans (honestly, the hardest part about keeping it a secret was not using Instagram). Kristin picked me up from the airport in Roanoke at 9 am with Starbucks in tow - and then took me to Northstar for REAL biscuits and gravy and southern sweet tea. 

I napped the afternoon away before heading to River to surprise Liv at her soccer game. As I was walking up, Olivia turned to us and raised her hands up, asking what I was doing there. After they did the anthem and announced player names, I ran down to the field to give her a hug (that made me cry). The game ended up being a great one to watch - Olivia had a goal and at least one assist and it was a solid W. 

Friday I helped mom out in the yard & took lots of pictures of my puppy dogs before going with Kristin to get a milkshake and some donuts (when in Virginia...)

Saturday was prom day! Olivia had appointments all morning and I was planning on getting my homework done, but at 11:00 Liv and Abigale asked me to come with them to their hair appointment (and, more importantly, bring them lunch). It took me back to MY first prom - SEVEN years ago - and I had so much fun hanging out with them all day. 

Olivia looked absolutely beautiful. I got this overwhelming sense of pride because she is such an incredible young lady and I get to be her big sister. (Liv is also one of the coolest people I have ever met, and I'm a little jealous of her life).

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