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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I would not have half of the gear that I do if it weren't for the generosity of the people in my life. My parents got Logan and myself a tent, sleeping bag, camping gear (like a stove), snowshoes, and a hammock. I've been gifted backpacking pots and dishes, utensils, my FitBit and so many other things. Those gifts made a huge difference in my outdoors journey, and I thought I should make a guide for the outdoorsy person in your life!

The first group of gifts are more expensive - they're the big gifts that you might want to tag team with a couple of people to lower the cost. The second group is full of smaller gifts and just-for-fun items!

  1. Osprey Packs Kyte 46: $180. 
    This is the pack I use for backpacking (Logan has the men's version). They're so comfy and come with lots of little pockets for ultimate stowing capability. 
  2. Thermarest NeoAir XLite: $159. 
    I L O V E my Thermarest pad. It's comfortable, has a great r-value for warmth, and packs up to the size of a nalgene bottle. 
  3. Nemo Equipment Galaxi 2P Backpacking Tent: $250. I did an entire review on this tent.
    This tent has been all across the country with us and has served us so well. 
  4. KEEN Targhee II Mid: $135. I reviewed these boots!
    These are possibly my favorite pair of shoes that I own. They are so comfortable and had zero break-in time. 
  5. Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody: $279. Review here
    Okay, this one is a splurge, but it's so warm and comfy and I try to wear it as often as socially acceptable. This includes the trails, but also the movie theater and the couch. 
  6. Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt: $270. Yup, reviewed this too!
    This one is kind of a splurge, too, and it can get more expensive depending on what you want out of it...but I love this sleeping bag so much. I will sing it's praise from the mountain tops (but preferably while cocooned in this bag).
  7. MSR Gear Evo Snowshoes: $140.
    I love these guys. They are so durable and can withstand even the most clumsy of beginners. 
  8. Colorado Glasses Mesa Verde: $75.
    Shop local, anyone? The creators behind these glasses are the nicest and the sunglasses are amazing quality. 
  9. FitBit Charge 2: $150.
    Okay, let's be real, I'd love a Garmin. But the giant price tags and the even more giant watch face makes it so unrealistic. The FitBit does everything I need for half the cost and an sleek fit (the interchangeable bands make them realistic for professional life, too). I like this one because of the heart rate feature. Aaaaaaaaand now I'm rambling. It seems like I should just do a full review.
  1. Cotopaxi Bataan 3L Fanny Pack: $30.
    Fanny packs are coming back in style! The Del Dia style from Cotopaxi takes fabric scraps from other items so no two are alike!
  2. Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket: $99. 
    This is the most comfy blanket in the world. You know how I said before that I love to be wrapped in my patagonia hoodie? THIS IS THE SAME THING IN BLANKET FORM.
  3. National Parks Annual Pass: $80.
    Give the gift of the National Park service. I don't think I need to say anything else.
  4. Mountain Standard Lightweight Hoodie: $78. Reviewed!
    Do you have those clothes wehre you just put them on and feel good? Because that's this hoodie for me. I love it. It's comfy as hell. And it's cute on top of it all. Plus, Mountain Standard is a local Colorado company!
  5. Eddie Bauer Stowaway Packable Dayback: $30 (on sale for $20!). Reviewed this, too. 
    Perfect starter pack for a new adventurer. We've taken ours all across the country and love them so much!
  6. JOBY GorillaPod: $50.
    I love this thing! It fits in the water bottle pocket in most packs and is a perfect tripod to take on a hike - mostly because of it's size. 
  7. ENO Singlenest Hammock: $60. 
    If you have never taken a nap on a hot summer day while laying in a hammock, you haven't really lived. Start saving so you can enjoy this, too. 
  8. TEVA Original Universal: $50. Reviewed!
    I wear these sandals all the time. I go into a ton of details in my review as to why, but lets just say that velcro is the KEY ingredient for comfy sandals.