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Eddie Bauer - Stowaway Packable Daypack

8 or 9 years ago, my mom got an Eddie Bauer backpack as a gift from a coworker. That backpack came everywhere with my family. From road trips, to concerts, to soccer games and swim meets, to hikes, and everywhere in between. It carried everything we could have needed (my mom is the type of parent that always has a bandaid and ibuprofen to hand out as necessary), and more. We used it to sneak in gluten free snacks to a professional soccer game for my aunt and cousin. I'm pretty sure it came to Alaska with us. It lasted FOREVER, with higher-than-average use and the wear and tear that comes from toting it to the sporting events of three very involved kids. 

Right before we went to Hawaii, 3 years ago, she got a new one that had more pockets. And my sister and I both got one for Christmas (still one of the best gifts). The three of us packed our backpacks and took them everywhere with us in Hawaii - from Poipu Beach to Waimea Canyon, from the cliffs of Shipwreck Beach to sea caves along the Napali Coast - everywhere. 

My sister, Olivia, with her pack in Waimea Canyon, Hawaii. 

My sister, Olivia, with her pack in Waimea Canyon, Hawaii. 

My sister and my mom with their packs - overlooking the Waimea Canyon. 

Fast forward a little bit, and you'll find me using that same pack on most of the adventures I go on. It's so light and durable, and mine comes with a bungee on the outside that I can use to strap things like my coat to my bag. It fits everything I need for a weekend trip to Texas, is small enough to be a personal item on an airplane, and packs into itself for optimal storage. If I am hiking a trail less than 5 miles, this is my go to pack (longer than that, and in a few other random situations, I'll take a bigger pack so I can carry more water). If Logan and I are escaping for a weekend, this pack fits all my miscellaneous items perfectly for traveling, and then can pull double duty for hiking once we get where we're going. 

This little backpack has come on so many adventures with me and isn't showing any signs of damage. I cannot recommend this daypack enough. The website says it's made from 200-denier ripstop polyester. It's about 20L in size, so perfect for a day hike! It has a water-repellent seal, which comes in handy if you're hiking to Vernal + Nevada Falls in Yosemite. It has two mesh pockets on the side. I typically have a water bottle in one and a tripod in the other. They're easy to reach and put things in without taking the whole pack off, which is a major plus for me. The inside has a Velcro pocket, perfect for keeping a hydration bladder or a trail journal. Mine, like I mentioned, has a bungee cord on the outside, but Logan's has four D-rings that can be used for attaching gear. 

All packed up for a winter adventure (and featuring the Eddie Bauer solar charger my sister got me for Christmas!)

There are a few things I would change about this design. The straps are lightly padded, but I wish there was a buckle to attach the straps together and help with weight. If I'm going on a bit of a longer hike, sometimes I lean towards a Cotopaxi Daypack because it offers that buckle. I also wish the packs came with a combo of the D-rings and the bungee. D-rings are perfect for attaching our traction to when hiking on snow/mud/dirt, but the bungee is so good for holding loose items like blankets and jackets. 

Overall, though, I love this pack. I keep coming back to it (and so does my family) and it has served me well over the years.  

It holds up in the snow and cold perfectly.


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