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Mountain Standard Lightweight Hoodie

Colorado based companies are the best companies - they just seem to get what I need when it comes to my gear. Mountain Standard is, by far, my favorite of these Colorado companies.

Logan and I both own pullover from two seasons ago. Logan uses his almost every time we go hiking, I don't use mine quite as often because it's too warm for me. BUT they just released a new pullover, the Women's Lightweight Hoodie that has quickly found a home in my go-to adventure gear. 

Logan's wearing his Mountain Standard pullover here, too!

Lets start with my favorite parts: it is so freaking soft. Like, dreamy soft. It's made with a polyester blend fleece fabric that makes it both stretchy and fitted and both breathable and warm. All the best things. It also has one of my favorite hoods - it's kind of cowl-necked, in that when it's down, it has as much fabric in the front as it does in the back. That's because the hood comes up to about my mouth, providing extra protection and warmth from those Colorado spring winds. (It comes up so high that I call it my stealth-hoodie because I feel like a ninja in it, but that's not really relevant to the review. But I love it). It also has thumb holes, like most Mountain Standard items. I didn't think I would like these, but I find myself using them every time I put this hoodie on, it's so nice to do anything I need to and not deal with my sleeves riding up at all!

Close up detail. I LOVE the heathered look.


I've worn this hoodie hiking, sitting around the campfire, to class, and for half the night while I was camping (it got too warm for me to stay in the whole night). It's the most versatile piece of gear I own and for that reason it's earned it's place in my repertoire. 

Please excuse my camp hair.

The downside is that it doesn't have any pockets. The other MountainStandard hoodies we own have this great back/hip pocket that's the perfect size for a phone. I really wish this one had something similar. But, in all honesty, that's it's only flaw! I can't gush enough about how much I love this hoodie - and if you have some extra money in your budget this month, it's worth it. 

Bonus pic: here's me in "stealth mode"  

Bonus pic: here's me in "stealth mode"  

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