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Emerald Lake
Trailhead: Bear Lake Trailhead
Distance: 3.6 miles (easy)

I've been itching to get back on some snowshoes since we went with Sam in January. Since Emilie moved here in February, I figured the weekend after our California trip would be the perfect opportunity! We rented our shoes from Estes Park Mountain Shop, $15 for boots, snowshoes, and poles, and then carpooled into the park. I had plans with some friends from school that night, so we started early. 

This was Emilie's first time on snowshoes! We weren't sure what the conditions and weather were going to be like (it snowed almost 2 feet on Wednesday and was calling for more this day) so we set our sights on Dream Lake, thinking if we felt good we could continue onto Emerald, but not feeling like it was necessary. We made it to dream lake in about an hour and it was beautiful (about 20 degrees warmer than it was the last time we snowshoed), so we kept going! I'm so glad that we did, Emerald was especially gorgeous and there weren't many people there. 

Emilie had a hard time sitting down

Running in snowshoes is so much fun.

Standing in the middle of a frozen lake with snow blowing around you with two of your best friends is definitely awe-inspiring. 

We went and grabbed beers and food at Estes Park Brewery after we finished, so overall it was a perfect day.