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Maxwell Falls

Maxwell Falls
Trailhead: Lower Maxwell Falls
Distance: 4 miles (easy)

I use The Outbound to find a lot of the adventures that Logan and I go on, and I was very excited to hike to Maxwell Falls in Evergreen, CO. The trail was super snow covered (we did get a foot and a half of snow last week) so we definitely needed our Yaktrax for this. It was such a simple hike - very gradual uphills interspersed with a lot of flat ground. The snow meant that the creeks along the trail were a little crazy, we crossed water 6 times one way, some of these were simple step overs, and others involved actually walking in a few inches of water for several yards. The falls itself was difficult to see, the snow made it hard to get to the good view points. So when Logan and I reached the top, we set up our hammocks and hung out for about an hour before heading down. It took us an hour and a half to get up, and 45 minutes to get down (keep in mind these times include me lollygagging for photos). 

I got a stunner, y'all. 

The parking lot was covered in snow, so my car got stuck as we were trying to leave. And of course, the trail was getting more popular as the day went on, so tons of people watched me struggle to get out of my spot. Story of my life.