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Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail
Trailhead: We picked it up in Pike National Forest, off Forest Road 550
Distance: 5 miles - or out and back as far as you want (the whole trail is 486)

We remembered seeing signs for the Colorado Trail driving to our campsite, so Saturday we decided to try and go find it again for the pleasure of being able to say we'd hiked on the Colorado Trail. We drove about 20 minutes from our campsite to get back to a section with decent parking (actually, it's really because we missed the first two trailheads that were 5 and 15 minutes away...)

These beautiful pasque flowers were blooming everywhere! There were a bunch at our campsite and all over the trail

It was a beautiful, simple stroll for the two of us and even though we encountered a few traffic jams with mountain bikers, we loved it. 

The Colorado Trail has officially been added to my to-do list.