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Crater Lake

September 30

Crater Lake
Trailhead: Maroon-Snowmass Trailhead (Maroon Bells)
Distance: 3.6 miles (easy)

We have done the trail from Maroon Lake to Crater Lake three times now, and each time it just gets easier. I remember absolutely dying on our first time, our second time we were carrying 25 pound backpacks, and this time it just felt like we were flying. The altitude is no joke in Aspen, especially at the Bells, but it was a pleasant surprise that we weren't struggling at all this day. This hike is also insanely beautiful, and seems to get more and more beautiful each time. I mean, just look at these views!


The colors and tones at the top were just UNREAL. We sat on a rock by the (very dried up) lake for about 30 minutes just staring in awe at our surroundings.