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Cub Lake

Cub Lake to The Pool
Trailhead: Cub Lake Trailhead
Distance: 7.0 miles (easy)

This was our first time hiking in Moraine Park (we've camped there before, but never hiked) and I was so excited to see what else RMNP had to offer! 

Right off the bat we were rewarded with something I've never seen in RMNP before - a coyote! He trotted through the brush and then stopped to look back at us before continuing on his way. We were giddy and couldn't wait to continue up the trail.

All of the reviews I read of this trail mentioned that it was perfect for wildlife spotting but I wasn't sure we'd be so lucky. Turns out I was wrong in the best way possible. We rounded a corner in the trail and looked out towards a small pond and saw a female moose hanging out eating her breakfast. 

We've never seen a moose in RMNP before!! And this one was within 50 yards of us, just munching away. We sat and watched her for almost 30 minutes before decided it was time to move on. Among the other wildlife we saw: grouse, two snakes, two ducks, and dozens of elk.

When we reached Cub Lake we found a log to sit on near the waters edge and ate some food and talked. It was one of those moments that made me realize how lucky I am. I was surrounded by beautiful mountains having a deep conversation about life and the future and everything that's changing with my favorite human and I could feel my heart swelling with joy. I love this mountain life.

We were feeling pretty good so we decided to continue on to The Pool. I am so glad we did - the scenery just kept getting better, it didn't even feel like we were in the park anymore, everything looked so different than the Glacier Gorge/Bear Lake side of the park!

The Pool

Would it really be a trip to RMNP if you didn't see herds of elk? Especially during rutting season?