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Evergreen Mountain Loop

April 15

Evergreen Mountain Loop
Trailhead: Evergreen Mountain East; Alderfer/Three Sisters Park
Distance: 5.95 miles (easy)

The trail to the top of Evergreen Mountain is actually a few different trails connected. The first trail we took is Evergreen Mountain Trail East. This is the first parking lot you come to if you drive via 70/Evergreen Parkway. The beauty of this, though, is that if that lot is full (as it is likely to be), you can just drive to the second lot and start from the West trailhead! 

This park is pretty cool because it's great for mountain bikers, too! In fact, most of these pictures were taken while I was standing slightly off the trail to let bikers pass. It kinda made us want to start mountain biking, but then we remembered that Logan doesn't know how to ride a bike and that I'm a little baby when it comes to going downhill already. 

From Evergreen Mountain Trail East, you reach Summit Trail. This trail does exactly what it sounds like - takes you to the summit. It's partially a loop, and has a spur that takes you down to a lookout where you can see Denver through a little gap in the foothills. 

The summit of Summit Trail makes the long uphill slog worth it. Overlooking the Front Range, these are some of the best views I've experienced in the foothills. I'm also pretty sure the big mountain here is Mt. Evans and it's getting me so excited for 14er season (it's also making me sad because there's a good chance we move and then I won't have a 14er season!). 

The Summit Trail then connects with Evergreen Mountain West. This part was probably my favorite of the trail, the trees were gorgeous and it was so nice to be going downhill. Originally we weren't planning on doing this portion of the trail - I was sore from working out (gotta get ready for 14er season just in case!) and we were both exhausted and we had a Rapids game to get to that evening - but I'm really glad we ended up doing it. The way down was so much easier than the way up, and it felt really good to do 6 miles. 

The whole way up, Logan and I were commenting on the amount of felled trees. I had a few different theories (all of which were wrong), and then we came upon this sign explaining what was going on! Click on the image to enlarge it. 

From Evergreen Mountain West, there's two more trails that will take you back to the parking lot. They're short + sweet and pass by some incredible houses (how awesome would it be to live with this park in your backyard?!). 

If you have a free afternoon, Evergreen is the place to go. There's so many different places to explore and the town itself is adorable - it's a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors if you decided to sleep in on a Saturday!

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