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Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley Loop (and Lyons Overlook)
Trailhead: Roxborough State Park Visitors Center
Distance: 2.2 miles (easy)

I. Love. Roxborough. State. Park. 

Like, really, really love. it. LOOK AT THOSE ROCKS! How could I not? So when I spent Sunday walking around, I realized I needed to come back. I am so grateful to have friends like Rachel who has the same random days off and want to get out and explore - so we headed up to the park and set out for the Fountain Valley Loop. 

The day started off pretty overcast, but we could see the blue skies over the city in the distance and we knew it wouldn't be long before the sun broke through. (Also it was like 18 degrees when we started, so we wanted the sun so that we could warm up...)

The trail starts off at a slight downhill. It's never steep or rocky, just meandering and wide and beautiful. It had snowed on Tuesday night, so the whole trail was covered. I brought my YakTrax, but never once felt like I needed them. When we got to the turn around point in the loop, we were surprised by a beautiful buck. He was just hanging out eating his breakfast, and kept an eye on us as we passed by. 

I'm glad we went the direction that we did (taking the right fork when we started down the trail), the whole way back we had incredible red rocks to look at. 

I still can't get over how perfect this morning was. Hiking in the snow with my best friend, surrounded by the best parts of the foothills. We laughed and complained and plotted our futures and it was the best.

When we first went around the loop, we didn't take the Lyon's Overlook spur. That was the wrong decision and we realized it, so we headed back. So, pro tip: if you hike the Fountain Valley Loop, make sure you take the Lyon's Overlook trail. It takes you to the top of the "fountain" and has the most incredible views. 

Roxborough State Park: the perfect place to clear your mind from all the political shit that is afflicting our country and come back to civilization ready to fight.