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Castlewood Canyon State Park

December 15

Inner Canyon Loop
Trailhead: Inner Canyon Trail (Canyon Point Parking Lot, Castlewood Canyon State Park)
Distance: 2.0 miles (easy)

The Denver area finally got some snow on December 14th. We were just a few days away from breaking the record of most days without snow, so it came at exactly the right time. It melted away by the afternoon, but I had the next day off and I wanted to play in it a little so I drove down to Castlewood Canyon to see if the snow had hung on a little longer there. Great news: it was snowy and quiet and everything I needed it to be. 


It was cold in the canyon - it felt like the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees (even though the canyon itself isn't that deep). All the snow that had fallen the day before and melted in the city was still on the ground, crunching under my boots. It was an insanely serene experience, and one that was much needed with the craziness that can come with the holiday season. 


I eventually reached the creek crossing, which in the summer, was one of my favorite parts of the whole hike. This day, however, I really wished I had brought along one hiking pole to use as an extra point of balance on the just slightly slippery rocks. I made it across in one piece, though, and continued along the trail.