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Mountain Lion Trail

September 17

Mountain Lion Trail
Trailhead: Nott Creek Trailhead, Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Distance: 6.7 miles (moderate)

Claire and I hadn't seen each other in a few weeks, so we decided to get together for a day filled with beautiful trails and golden aspens. Golden Gate Canyon State Park has been on my list since we moved to Colorado, but something else always comes up instead. I was stoked to finally get out there and explore it! We stopped at the Visitor's Center for a map and there was frost on the deck! It was about 40° when we got there, so we kept on our layers - relishing in the coziness that comes with big sweatshirts.  

The Mountain Lion Trail is a big loop, so when we got out of the car we picked the downhill direction - no one likes to end their hike on an uphill slog. We had probably half a mile before the actual trailhead (there's lots of parking for this trail), so when we got there it was perfect timing for a pee break! 

Overall, it was a beautiful day. And we only lost the car for like 10 minutes. 

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