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November 24

Rock Pond
Trailhead: Mueller State Park Visitors Center
Distance: 5.1 miles (easy)

This was the first time in 21 years that I wasn't at The Farm for Thanksgiving. Rachel and her family graciously invited us into their home for Thanksgiving dinner, and then we planned a hike for REI's Opt Outside on Black Friday! We are still trying to hit all of the state parks in Colorado, so we decided to head down to Mueller State Park - it's a little bit west of Colorado Springs, near a town called Divide! I couldn't find many pictures of this park, so I just looked at the map and picked an interesting-sounding destination: Rock Pond. The trail leaves from the Visitor's Center (which, adorably, had a black friday sale going on...), so we took a bathroom break and got going!

The entire trail to Rock Pond is downhill. Which was great as we were headed that direction, but we began to dread the return trek... Logan suggested we run downhill and Rachel and I laughed at him and continued to walk.


This sums up their friendship nicely: Rachel tries to hug Logan....Logan tries to push Rachel off a cliff. 


It was supposed to be 70 degrees in Colorado Springs that day, but it was about 30 degrees colder in the park. This meant Rachel wore socks and sandals....through the snow. 

This is what happens when the snowballs are turned on the camera.

We went to Brook Pond first. The lake was so beautiful! We stopped and ate some gluten free crackers and then decided we should head to Rock Pond and then get going. We passed by a delicious restaurant on our way in and decided we'd stop there for lunch - it was all I could think about at this point.


Rock Pond was just as, if not more, beautiful. The lake was a slight teal color beneath the ice and there was a nice rock to sit and relax on. We hung out here for a while, then tested the thickness of the ice - it was thick enough in the shade to hold Logan, but in the sun it broke at the slightest bit of pressure. 

On our way back we played the rhyming game (someone says a word - like "rock" - and everyone takes turns saying a word that rhymes) and the categories game. It made the unending uphill go by so much faster! (The views weren't that bad, either). 

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