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Treasure Falls

May 5

Treasure Falls
Trailhead: Treasure Falls Point of Interest, Wolf Creek Pass
Distance: around 1 mile (easy)

You know how on roadtrips you always see those "Point of Interest" signs and usually it's just a rundown sign overlooking a field? Well...Treasure Falls is so much better than those. Logan and I happened upon this waterfall by pure accident - Wolf Creek Pass had tons of snowmelt waterfalls and we were looking for more when we saw an ACTUAL waterfall. We did some creative turning and ended up in the parking lot ready to do a hike to some good vantage points!

I was so giddy this entire hike - it may have come from having been in the car for 5 hours, but I was running and skipping and giggling the entire time. The stoke was at an all-time high when I reached "Misty Deck" and got to hang out in the spray from Treasure Falls.

We headed down from the Misty Deck and crossed a bridge to another little trail. No matter where we were, the views were incredible. If we couldn't see Treasure Falls, we could overlook the valley and the incredible blue skies.

Gotta get that angle

It was a short hike, but a perfect break from a LONG car-ride. Plus, you can see the falls from the road, so you don't have to take the trail to the decks.