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Wyoming part 4

Friday morning we went for an incredible horseback ride. I didn't take my camera (or even my phone) so I have 0 pictures from the ride, but take my word for it - AMAZING. Shoutout to Uncle Doug for letting me borrow his pullover and for Babe for carrying me up the mountain!

Friday evening we went for a ride in our new party van (the car Aunt Jen, Barb, and Grandma got to drive to/around Colorado) to take pictures of the barns on Mormon Row and ended up finding a buffalo herd crossing the road.

After Mormon Row, Uncle Doug took us down a random dirt road where everyone was camping and watching the sunset and we totally interrupted in our huge van having to do a 3 or 4 point turn in between some campsites. But, it did lead to some awesome sunset pictures.

Saturday we woke up to do some hikes. We started out by catching the ferry across Jenny Lake to hike to Inspiration Point. On the ferry we watched a young moose wander through the brush to get to the waters edge. 

I found a little pika friend on the way up!

From Jenny Lake we headed to Phelps Lake to hike to Jump Rock. We had to wait 20 minutes or so for a parking spot, but the lake was so worth it. I didn't jump off, but I did get in and swim! It was just as cold as the Snake River, and just as much fun.

These hikes were such a great way to end the week, it could not have been more beautiful that day. 

Wyoming, I fell in love with you. I can't wait to come back.