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Zapata Falls

Great Sand Dunes pt. 2

Zapata Falls
Zapata Falls Trailhead
Distance: 0.75 miles (easy)

We woke up Sunday morning to cooler temperatures (almost 20 degrees cooler, actually) and clouds. It made everything moody and quite perfect. I was a little reassuring to see that we hadn't gotten the 4" of snow it was calling for - driving over the pass to get back to I25 in 4" of snow did not sound fun. We ate breakfast and got everything packed up and headed towards Zapata Falls.

 The road to Zapata Falls is long and bumpy. If there had been any fresh snow I'm not sure we would have made it up, that's the kind of road it was. Getting to the trailhead, though, is worth it. There's a beautiful view of the Sand Dunes right from the parking lot. 

The trail itself is beautiful. It was like 0.4 miles to the waterfall. During the summer, you can wade up to the waterfall through the creek, but in winter you simply walk right up to it! It's stunning and definitely one of the coolest hikes I've ever gone on. 

The parking lot was filling up and we passed three families on our way back down. I was super thankful for our impeccable timing and getting to experience the falls by ourselves. The ride home was fun - I love roadtripping with Logan. Even though this was only 4 hours, it was perfect. Baby Sitters Club Club, Chance the Rapper, starbucks, and peach rings. Spending time with Logan is my favorite thing to do.